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Jumat, 14 Maret 2014
Adventure To Sikkim

Adventure To Sikkim

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Sikkim is one of the forty three landlocked countries in the world, which means that the country has no coastline and no access to sea or ocean.  However, this beautiful country nestled and tucked away in the Himalayas in India’s North East Corner, is without question one of the very special parts of India.  It has stunning green unspoilt mountains full of orchids, butterflies, monasteries, and home to some of the gentlest people.

The gentle beauty of this country should not be underestimated, as it will give tourists and travelers an unforgettable lifetime experience with enchanting places to visit, unique explorations to do, and thrilling adventure tours.  Adventure tour to Sikkim can be arranged for you by an online travel agency of your preference; websites can also help you learn more about the place you want to visit in Sikkim as Sikkim is divided into four districts: East Sikkim, West Sikkim, North Sikkim, and South Sikkim. 

Adventure To Sikkim
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If you’re planning your next vacation, why not try an adventure tour to Sikkim. One of the best parts of East Sikkim that you can visit is its headquarters, Gangtok. Gangtok is a city that you could only imagine in story books. On the streets of this city you’ll find amidst brightly painted pagoda roofs and smiling people, are silver, silk, spice, jewelry and other goods that collectors of imported goods would delight on.  Prayer flags whip in the breeze in mystery-laden mists, with mumbling sounds of invocations to God by Lamas. In the distance will show snow, the hill of Lukshyma directly overlooks the city.  The “Mother of Pearl” is a refuge of the magic mountain, Khang-Chen-Dzod-Nga.

An adventure tour to Sikkim will leave you stunned after you have visited the sightseeing and excursion places like:

Do-Drul Chorten (Stupa)

Built by the late Trulsi Rimpoche in 1945-46, this is one of the most significant and biggest stupas found in Sikkim which is encircled by 108 prayer wheels.

Deer park

This park is rests on top of a hillside that plunges almost vertically deep into the valley and offers a good view of the hills surrounding Gangtok.

Tashi View Point

This place offers an astonishing view of the Khangchendzonga snowy range during clear days, the Phodong and the Labrang monasteries on the opposite hill, and a nice shed with cafeteria to rest, relax and provide amenities to tourists. A park is also above view point that is a good place for picnic.

Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden

This garden is a captivating and calming experience among the abundant green vegetation, rare plants and trees, and some species of Himalayan orchids and flowers.  This garden is a combination of tropical and temperate plants, which also has an enormous greenhouse for many species of orchids.
Vacations are always the best way to unwind which combined with adventure, they can bring about the most excellent, satisfying and fulfilling experience.  Get that gear ready and do that adventure tour to Sikkim.
Kamis, 13 Maret 2014
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Beauty Salon Design Accesories

There are many companies committed to manufacturing great salon accessories. Gamma & Bross are one of the main manufactures of salon products and equipments. Some of the accessories available include the following; Design Salon Accessories are used for the sole purpose of complimenting the salon equipment and the furniture. They include Magazine Racks, Storage Cabinets, Hair Dryer Holders, Chair Footrests, Towels Holders, Coffee Tables, Station Shelves and much more.

These accessories are uniquely made each being diverse from the other. The materials used are of high quality to ensure durability. In a salon you will find Salon chairs and styling chairs.These chairs are designed to give the customer utmost comfort while being attended to in the salon. Just like the design salon accessories, this piece of furniture is made to offer comfort to the client. They are made from quality materials as well and there are a wide variety in terms of style to select from.

Barber Chairs are part of the salon accessories too.In order to get your job well done it is advisable to get barber chairs of high standard. Ensure that they are of appealing design and offer great confort. The idea is to make your client more comfortable while being served. There is a wide range of designs to select from.Select a design that is current instead of an old design which is outdated. Most barber shops are furnished with matching funitures to make the shop more attractive. We live in a world of class and style. For this reason many salons if not all have a styling station.Styling stations are of different styles as well. Some are made of wood, glass, aluminium and acrylic.

This is to ensure that they match with any decoration within your salon. Manufactures have made these stations for easy mounting on the wall. They include; salon styling morrors, color salon stations and make-up mirrors. Some manufactures have advanced these stations to include a hand dryer and curling iron holders. Most of these stations have a storage at the back to ensure tidiness of the salon.

Shampoo Bowls and Shampoo Chairs are some of the items you cannot miss in a salon. Manufactures have ensured that these items are made to offer comfort of the highest standard. They come in varied styles and are made of high quality materials. Manicure is a common service in most salons so it is good to ensure that there is a manicure table for that purpose.

Rabu, 12 Maret 2014
Capture the Moments during All Your Adventure Photo Tours

Capture the Moments during All Your Adventure Photo Tours

Capture the Moments during All Your Adventure Photo Tours
Adventure photo tours will bring you to picturesque and magnificent places to capture and hopefully preserve its beauty through photographs.

Do you like taking photographs whether you are in a trip or simply taking pictures during important family occasions? Taking pictures is one of the things I like to do, especially when I see the copies of my masterpieces. Every time I see anything beautiful, I always have this urge to take a picture on the things that I find beautiful. For me, it’s some sort of preserving the moments. Do you have the same feeling, too? Or, is it just me. Anyway, our purpose of taking picture is to have a lasting souvenir of the place, moments, or celebration. 

Taking pictures, most importantly during any tour or travel, makes you keep the memories you have about the place. For the most part, you have solid evidence to show off that you have been in the place. Pictures are pretty good in convincing, I might add.

There are several companies that offer exciting and fun photo tours, like the Las Vegas and Grand Canyon tours by Adventure Photo Tours. The adventure photo tours in Las Vegas will take you on a sight seeing safari tour to beautiful places no words can describe including the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Area 51, Gold Mines, and Ghost towns. These places are worth all the available films of your camera and storage capacity of your digital camera. I must say that these magnificent, impressive, superb wonders are worth the tour, batteries and films all included.

There are still other adventure photo tours waiting for you to make the best of your cameras, like taking a wildlife adventure, safaris, and trekking. Taking these types of adventure, definitely take you to exotic places, impressing and mesmerizing you. The best example is the country Africa. In Africa, you will see different flora and fauna that are also worth taking photos. Taking photos of places far-away or in foreign countries is a must to preserve all your memories of them. If you want to stand out and be different, take pictures of uncommon sceneries that will awe the common crowd. Exploring those hardly seen places and capturing their uniqueness and quiet beauty with picture taking- makes the whole experience adventurous and exciting. African tours also offer adventure photo tours safaris, which will give you the opportunity to take pictures of this culturally rich country and the wide variety of wildlife that they are so blessed with.

Cameras and films exist because you love to take pictures as keepsakes of the moments you find worth preserving and keeping. Adventure photo tours have relatively similar purpose- capturing the moment to have reminders of the time and places you have visited.
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Hair Salons Price vs Value

Different people have different tastes for salon services. This is proven in the availability of many salons within a town. These tests may be pegged on the services offered in these salons or the pricing page on the services offered. There are so many factors that determine the pricing of services in a salon. The first one on the list is the price of the products used. Another factor is the geographical location of the salon. For instance, a salon in a remote town cannot charge the same as a salon within a major town. Doing that will simply ruin your salon business.

The kind of clients targeted will equally determine the price of a salon service. Salons that are frequented by the rich so to speak charge differently from those visited by the middle class for that mater. The point is that each salon owner must study his clients very well before determining how much to charge. Another way is to set your goals straight on which class of clients you wish to target.

The geographical location of a salon may influence the pricing and the quality of the services offered. Some colonists may charge less only to attract you and fail to offer services to your satisfaction. My advice to those seeking salon services is to go beyond the price to ensure that the services offered are up to what your expectations. There are many manufactures of salon products. This factor needs to be considered when determining the pricing of your services. Some manufactures are known to produce high quality products while others produce products that are not up to the standard.

Be careful enough to know the kind of products used in the salon. Sometimes cheap is expensive. Why spend little to create a problem with your hair only to spend much later trying to correct the same mistake. There is always the need to balance between pricing and value. Always ensure that you pay for what is right for the services rendered. Of course before visiting a salon for your hair service, you should be having in mind the standard figures of the prices.

Different salon services are charged differently as well. The most priced services in a salon are her coloring. This is simply because of the amount of time spend to perform the task and the products used to complete the job. In the USA and many other developed nations, you will realize that salons are opened based on the services offered. It is difficult to get all the hair services from one salon as this is not allowed. A color salon is more expensive that all other hair salons.

All in all, it is important to determine what you are looking for in a salon. Is it cost, convenience or quality. Among these three ensure that quality is given utmost consideration. Of course it is not easy to have quality without paying the price which comes with it.

Kamis, 31 Januari 2013
Muhyiddin kata ada berita gembira buat kakitangan awam

Muhyiddin kata ada berita gembira buat kakitangan awam

KOTA BHARU - Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin tidak menolak kemungkinan akan ada lagi beberapa berita gembira bakal diumumkan buat kira-kira 1.4 juta penjawat awam di negara ini apabila beberapa permasalahan mereka dapat diselesaikan tidak lama lagi.
Beliau berkata kerajaan sememangnya mengambil berat soal kebajikan penjawat awam yang telah banyak membantu membangunkan negara selama ini.
"Saya faham telah banyak perkara yang telah dapat diselesaikan oleh kerajaan namun masih ada beberapa perkara yang belum selesai.
"Tunggulah dan berdoalah agak panjang daripada biasa kerana mungkin ada berita baik akan diterima (oleh penjawat awam) tidak lama lagi," katanya ketika berucap pada Majlis Perjumpaan Khas Bersama Penjawat Awam Persekutuan dan Negeri Kelantan di Dewan Utama, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Kampus Kesihatan di sini, hari ini.
Turut hadir pada majlis dihadiri lebih 3,000 penjawat awam itu ialah isteri Muhyiddin, Puan Sri Noorainee Abdul Rahman, Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Menteri Pelancongan Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen, Timbalan Menteri Kewangan Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin, Naib Canselor USM Prof Datuk Dr Omar Osman dan Presiden Cuepacs Datuk Omar Osman.
Muhyiddin berkata kerajaan sangat menghargai jasa dan peranan penjawat awam yang pada masa sama telah menjadi "mata dan telinga" kerajaan bagi menyelesaikan masalah rakyat keseluruhan.
Beliau berkata, melalui penjawat awam, kerajaan mendengar segala rintihan rakyat yang kemudiannya akan bertindak untuk membela mereka yang memerlukan pembelaan.
Timbalan Perdana Menteri juga menzahirkan rasa bangga dengan peranan penjawat awam yang telah berjaya merealisasikan program transformasi negara sehingga lahir sebagai sebuah negara yang dikagumi.
"Saya bangga dengan peranan penjawat awam ini kerana segala yang kita sasarkan itu telah menjadikan keadaan negara jauh lebih baik daripada sebelum ini," katanya.
Beliau juga mahukan penjawat awam di semua sektor dapat memastikan setiap peruntukan pada belanjawan yang diumumkan dapat digunakan dengan sebaik mungkin bagi pembangunan negara.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata soal politik tidak akan diambil kira dalam membangunkan Kelantan kerana yang penting adalah memastikan rakyat negeri itu sama-sama menikmati pembangunan negara.
Pada sesi dialog selepas itu, Muhyiddin berkata kerajaan sama sekali tidak bercadang untuk mengurangkan jumlah penjawat awam di negara ini.
Beliau berkata pihak tertentu tidak boleh membandingkan saiz penjawat awam di Malaysia dengan negara lain kerana keadaan itu sangat berbeza sama sekali.
Muhyiddin jturut menafikan negara akan muflis seperti dakwaan pembangkang kerana kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) merupakan kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab dan berkemampuan untuk membangunkan negara.
"Selagi kerajaan Barisan Nasional kekal memerintah, kita tidak akan menjadi negara yang bankrap kerana kita ada segala kemampuan," katanya.
Beliau juga berkata segala bentuk bantuan terutama Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia akan diteruskan pada masa hadapan jika keadaan ekonomi yang baik ketika ini dapat diteruskan lagi.  - Bernama

sinar harian

Rabu, 30 Januari 2013
Pilot terkunci di luar kerana co-pilot tertidur di dalam kokpit

Pilot terkunci di luar kerana co-pilot tertidur di dalam kokpit

BELANDA - Seorang pilot Syarikat penerbangan tambang murah Belanda, Transavia terkunci di luar kerana co-pilot-nya tertidur di kokpit.

Insiden ini terjadi dalam penerbangan Boeing 737 dari Belanda menuju Crete, Greece. Kejadian ini sebenarnya sudah lama terjadi, namun baru terbongkar setelah Badan Keamanan Belanda (OVV) membuat laporan dalam webnya. Mereka mengatakan insiden ini sangat serius.

"Setelah dua setengah jam berada di udara, pilot pesawat meninggalkan kokpit untuk ke toilet," kata OVV, seperti dilaporkan News, Khamis (31/1/2013).

"Kemudian, ketika dia kembali, dia memanggil co-pilot melalui interkom untuk membukakan pintu namun tidak mendapat jawapan," tambahnya.

Akhirnya, setelah beberapa saat, pilot dapat memasuki ruang kokpit tersebut. Di situlah dia mendapati bahawa co-pilot tengah tidur. Kini, insiden itu tengah disiasat oleh syarikat Transavia.

Operasi menangkap 15000 buaya yang terlepas di Afrika Selatan

Operasi menangkap 15000 buaya yang terlepas di Afrika Selatan

kira-kira 2000 dari jumlah 15000 buaya yang terlepas sejak lebih seminggu yang lalu berjaya ditangkap kembali oleh para pekerja Taman Buaya Rakwena di Afrika Selatan.

Buaya yang terlepas itu melarikan diri ke kawasan semak-semak dan juga Sungai Limpopo, dekat sempadan Afrika Selatan dan Zimbabwe.

Walaupun jumlah buaya yang terlepas akibat banjir itu agak besar namun belum ada laporan ia menyerang manusia

Jutawan China jual udara segar dalam tin

Jutawan China jual udara segar dalam tin

 Pengusaha China, Chen Guangbiao, menjual udara segar dalam tin minuman ringan, mirip air minuman, ketika udara China bahagian utara tercemar teruk

Chen Guangbiao, yang kekayaannya menurut Hurun Report bernilai 740 juta dollar AS, menjual udara tinnya kira-kira lima yuan setin.

Chen mengatakan kepada Fairfax Media, udara China telah berubah menjadi begitu buruk sehingga ide udara segar dalam botol bukan lagi sesuatu yang aneh.

 "Jika kita tidak mula mencegah maka setelah 20 atau 30 tahun anak-anak dan cucu kita mungkin mengenakan topeng gas dan membawa tabung oksigen," kata Chen.

Hospital melaporkan kenaikan mendadak jumlah pesakit dengan kes berkaitan pernafasan. Para pemimpin politik terpaksa mengambil langkah-langkah darurat bagi mengurangkan pencemaran dan berjanji untuk mengatasi masalah itu.

Langit Beijing sebagian besar tetap suram. Jarak pandang secara konsisten menurun hingga hanya 200 meter yang terjadi beberapa kali dalam beberapa hari terakhir. Foto-foto satelit NASA memperlihatkan asap tebal menyelimuti dataran padat penduduk China utara.
Kata Chen lagi kepada Fairfax Media, ia tidak terganggu oleh reaksi sinis masyarakat, yang menuduh dia cuba untuk meningkatkan profil bisnesnya.

 "Saya yakin tentang apa yang saya lakukan dan saya berani meletakkan itu di bawah sinar matahari," katanya.

Chen mengatakan, banyak pengusaha China yang "mengorbankan keturunan mereka" demi keuntungan jangka pendek. Walau dunia tidak kiamat pada 21 Desember lalu, hari terakhir dalam kalender Maya, dia mengatakan, bukti-bukti menunjukkan bahawa kiamat sudah terlalu hampir.

"Saya bekerja di industri perlindungan selama satu dekad ... dan saya menyaksikan fakta bahawa polusi semakin buruk dan kian buruk," kata Chen.

"Semakin banyak bencana terjadi setiap tahun," katanya. "2012 tidak menjadi akhir dari dunia, tetapi jika manusia terus mencemari alam, saya fikir kiamat akan tiba."

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